Singles Should Be SAD

I  said it, and I meant it. Singles should be SAD!! Now before you start typing your protest in your phone, or hit the CANCEL button, hear me out. First, let me start by saying, I too, am single. I am a Christian single, who knows who I am in Christ. While I am not perfect, I know that God lives in me, and He wants what is best for me. The bible says that Jesus “came that we might have life, and more abundantly.” Abundant life is about a life full of joy, that strengthens our walk, our spirit, our body, and our soul. I believe that living an abundant life as a single will require three things of you which make you SAD. There are so many singles who are existing but not living in the fullness of God’s favor and grace. Not because they are not saved but because they are living until… Until the right person comes along, or the sky opens up and yells directions for their life, or not trusting God enough with the secret desires of their hearts. The God of all creation knew you before He formed you in your mother’s womb. This means that He had a plan in mind for you, created and wired you up to be the person in the mirror, warts and all.


Against Company Policy

When Jenna goes to apply for a job at Nesbit Industries, where her mother Gertrude works in the human resources department, she finds blood on the mail slot and a stranger slashing her tires. She soon realizes she’s come across a dangerous situation. Before she has the chance to call the police, a mysterious person attacks her, leaving Jenna unconscious in the parking lot. When Gertrude meets Jax, the handsome detective called to duty to help her department and daughter, she becomes even more interested in the case. Gertrude stays late in the office one night and hears strange voices throughout the office. Wondering what anyone would be doing in the building late at night, Gertrude snoops and overhears something that confirms her worst fear: the crimes are coming from an inside source. Someone in the office has turned against them. As the details unfold in this heart-pounding office mystery, Jenna’s attacker is linked to the inexplicable tragedies in HR. Someone sinister is working Against Company Policy.


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Hattye C. Knight is a Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certified by the Society for Human Resource Management with over fifteen years of Human Resources experience. Hattye enjoys spinning entertaining stories for her family and friends based on ordinary topics.