Free Beer Fridays…

I have HR peers who struggle with the newest trends in Employee Benefits/Retention such as Free Beer Fridays.

I’m old enough to remember my mom smoking in the office and keeping her flask in her desk.  Her employer stop providing alcohol but was fully aware it’s employees were drinking on the job even going so far as to provide the chasers (orange juice, soda, and Tab for its health conscious employees).

I’m a veteran and remember the keg parties on special occasions (nod, wink).

It’s the circle of life. Nothing new under the sun. Boomers are just mad because we didn’t ask for it first.

How does HR deal with it? One HR Director told me “it’s tough to deal with because we’re thinking of the liability for the employer but have to balance it with the needs of employers. I just pray no one goes out after work too intoxicated.”

Give me your thoughts or comments below.


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