I’ve Got a Nanny I Can’t Fire…


I’m sure by now you’ve seen or heard if the California couple who hired a “seasoned” nanny. They hired her to care for their children and do chores around the house in exchange for room and board.

 At first the couple were excited as she appeared to be an answer to the it prayers. She was efficient, meals were good, house clean. But sometime after the first week all of that changed.

The nanny didn’t want to work, refused to sign her warning letter, didn’t move out of the house, and demanded the family remain out of the house during thr hours of 8am-8pm. Calls to police were ineffective as they considered it a civil matter. They suggested the couple begin eviction proceedings.

To make matters worse they found out the nanny was on a list of litigators who sue for any reason and had over 50 cases. From an Employee Relations standpoint, the couple dropped the ball at the recruitment and staffing stage. They now have a problem employee well versed in employment law using the laws to their advantage.

What could they have done differently?

1. Hired an agency to handle placement and be liable for bad employee.

2. If they wanted to go it alone, should have done thorough background check, including case search & thorough reference checks.

3.Issued a hire letter with at willnclause and probationary wording.

4. Take pictures of household items, catalog everything to make sure she isn’t also a thief.

5. If she refuses to leave cut off food, water, and electricity.

6. Begin eviction proceedings.

7. If she still won’t leave offer your home to a group of guys, give them five cases of 5 hour energy drinks, turn up the heat, and let them play Call of Duty nonstop over the weekend. Encourage them to be as vocal and badass as they want!

Im going to look at California’s employment laws in a bit to see what the outcome could be for the couple. If you are in CA and are #HRFORLIFE, join the conversation and give some insight.

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