Absence Does Not Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Did your employee call out sick the day after Super Bowl Sunday? Some small percentage of employees do not need an excuse to take unscheduled leave.

How do you as a Human Resources professional or supervisor deal with chronic absences?

There are some repeat offenders who are getting away with murder. While you are focused on the employee who boldly calls out sick on the day after a holiday, is there one who smiles in your face while exhausting their leave balances unbeknownst to you?

How is that? I will reveal a little used trick to assist you. You have an automated time and attendance system which provides attendance reports. Well, get on board and use it and pull reports for all of your employees, not just on the bane of your existence. Pull the last quarter.

How many hours did the average employee use? If there are 2080 hours in a year and your employee used 175 hours in a quarter. There are 520 hours in a quarter. Your employee was available for two-third of the quarter. Is that acceptable? Especially when the work has to be done 100% of the time.

Let’s deal with these employees and help get them back in the building. Unless of course you prefer to continue to do their work and yours.

Need help? Want to know how to address your specific situation? Let me help you take back control of your staff today.

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