Chesapeake Human Resources Association Annual Conference 4-17-15

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If you are a Human Resources Professional, specifically in Employee Relations, in the DC/DE/MD/VA area, we hope you stopped by the Chesapeak Human Resources Association’s (CHRA) Annual Conference today.  The theme was “ligHts, cameRa, Action.”   Davita Nicole Carpenter and I taught a workshop packed to the gills, standing room only, on Employee Relations gone Reality TV.

“Call When You Reach for the Shovel,  Not When You are 6′ Deep in the Hole” which gave a realistic preview of a typical day in the life of an Employee Relations employee who meets with an employee and a manager.  Participants were able to interject commentary, guidance, and answer questions during the skits sidebar.  The participants walked out of the conference with additional tools to influence employees and managers, coaching supervisors and employees to handle their roles within the organizations and to reach out to HR when our expertise is needed.

Thank you to all of our participants and to CHRA for allowing us the opportunity to present HR Reality TV!

Some of the feedback:

“DaVita Nicole and Hattye Nesbit Wynn Knight did the MOST at the CHRA Spring Conference! Employee Relations as Reality TV…Indeed, it is! #We.Are.HR” – Michelle Brown Harva-Huggins

“Wish we had more time.” – DWT

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