Employee Relations Expert – Things that make you go huh and shake your head!

It’s the first of the year and I’m glad to see 2015.

As an Employee Relations expert, growing up in Human Resources, and thinking I’ve seen it all,  I can now say I’ve officially seen it all!!

I just read an article in which an employee in India hasn’t been to work in 20 years, was recently fired for failing to come to work as directed.

20 years?  Are you kidding me?  For those of us in the business, we thought six months or a year was a ridiculous amount of time to wait.  Can you imagine the paper trail for this case?  You would need your own server to hold all of the electronic documents including the emails, instant messages, and letters sent to the supervisor trying to explain why it’s taking so long.

Well for those out there in my world who think 30 days is too long, it could be worse!!

Check it out for yourself if you believe I’m kidding!!

Man Fired After Skipping Work for 24 Years http://nbcnews.to/1BOXP3n


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