I’m Not Superwoman!

My daughters believed I was Superwoman but sometimes I cried at night when you were asleep because I didn’t know how I was going to make after another failed marriage, uninvolved fathers of my children, jobs telling me I wasn’t good enough to promote while asking me to train the “experienced” younger, lighter, socially acceptable one, convincing me to not speak up because I intimidated people or shouldn’t play the race card cause i have a black president, and Christians waving Jesus in my face like the big Joker in a game of Spades!

Well daughters I had it wrong! I should have shown you my weaknesses so you knew I was human.  Its okay to be afraid of storms as long as you don’t let fear choke you. You are smart, beautiful, funny, and loving. Yes you are a Christian but how about Christians do something to help rather than throw platitudes at you in fear you will guess their faults. Go for the impossible, do everything you’ve dreamed of and don’t let anyone stop you guys including me.

If the haters don’t like it too bad! Give them your sweet split to kiss!

(Threw down the mic and walked away with my shoulders back and a cheesy grin on my face!)

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